Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Happy, Happy Birthday Dan!!

To a wonderful father, husband, son, brother, teacher, priesthood holder, friend;

I get to hear of the amazing big brother you have always been. You are so loved by your family. I wanted to wish you a very happy birthday tomorrow, October 19.

With admiration and love,

Kay Rindlisbach

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The first time I met Dan I was impressed that he took the time to talk to me and make me feel immediately comfortable. He had the ability always make people feel comfortable around him. Dan had the talent to be able to converse with you and be completely engaged. He always kept his eyes on yours and was attententive to you. Always making you feel that he was interested in you and what you were sharing even if it was not something that he was probably interested in.

Dan was one of the people that I enjoyed conversing with the most. I loved to hear his insights into the gospel. He had such a broad knowledge into scripture and its meaning that he was a great teacher. But surprisingly, he never used this knowledge to lift himself above others or to make them feel inferior because their understanding of the gospel was much smaller.

I always admired how much of a hands on father Dan was. He spent time with all of his children and he loved them and they knew it.

Dan was not afraid to work hard in all areas of his life. Several times my family benefited from his hard work and service. Both times that we moved, there were Dan and Amy who showed up first and then did not leave until the work was done. While he was there he was never impatient or in a hurry to get his time in so that he could move on to other things. Once again he made us feel like we were important in his life and that he was happy to be a part of it.

I miss Dan’s laugh. He laughed out loud and it was one of the best things to hear. Sunday dinners at the Erekson’s always became more fun when Dan and Amy were there to laugh. It was always fun and exciting to hear it take on things at the dinner table.

I will always miss Dan and feel incredibly grateful that I had the opportunity to know him and learn from him in such a short time. I am glad that he will be forever part of my family. I love him.
Lovingly, until we meet again,
Carol and Spencer Erekson

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It is the Christmas Season A Time for Joy

It is the Christmas Season a time for joy. I am feeling a deep gratitude of joy from all of Dan’s friends who have responded to this blog. You have brought our family comfort and joy in recalling shared memories. Your expressions of love have supported us in our difficult separation. We miss Dan, his contagious smile, his love for learning, his loyalty, and his constant willingness to help our family. In times of loneliness I try to remember not, “Why was he taken so young?” but rather, “Why was I so blessed to have him for my son for forty one years?” It is my privilege to be Dan’s Mother!

When Dan was about nine years old, all of the children were telling us what gift they wanted Santa to bring them. Dan didn’t respond (which wasn’t very much like Dan), then he answered by saying, “I really don’t want a gift.” He kept his stand the entire season.

On Christmas morning Santa brought the children many gifts, but there was nothing for Dan. Even he seemed surprised. He did have a full sock. As usual, the children, one at a time, emptied their socks. Dan, being the oldest, was last. It seemed to me we had been waiting forever. In the toe of his sock was a note telling him to go look in the barn. I can’t remember Dan ever moving that fast! In the barn was “Ginger” his own horse with a big red ribbon around her neck, and a small boy with a huge smile also around “Ginger’s” neck. Dan’s gift was perfect in every way!

Now, we must wait for the greatest gift of all-Eternal Life. It was hard waiting Christmas morning. It is hard waiting for our Greatest Gift, to be an eternal family together forever. Jesus made a great sacrifice to give us this Gift. We must live the commandments and be worthy of the Gift. I try each day to live my life so that I am worthy to be united with Dan again. What a reunion it will be! I am so grateful for the Savior’s Gift to all of us.


Monday, December 7, 2009

Lovingly Remembering our Son-in-law, Daniel Spencer Howells

Knowing just which memory to choose is very challenging when we have been so affected by most of Dan’s life as our son-in-law. He brought to our family a strong background in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and continued to build on that as he became a husband, father, college graduate, seminary teacher and principal, Bishop, good friend to young and old, and filled countless roles in all aspects of his life.

Dan’s impact on the lives of Allen and Mardy Erekson started as our daughter Amy began to date Dan. On their first date they were accompanied by Dan’s father Spencer Howells. Later we had a party at our home with Amy and some of her high school friends and Dan was one of the invited guest. It was obvious to us that Dan had an interest in Amy because of his reactions during some of the party games. All very positive, of course!

Dan served a full time mission to New Zealand. He was very focused in the work he had undertaken. We had attended his farewell with Amy and also his homecoming when he was honorably released. Amy had been dating others while attending BYU during Dan’s mission. One of her persistent dates had become quite serious about her, but the question of Dan kept arising. Mom Mardy had a strong impression Amy should hold back on any commitment until Dan returned from his mission. The impression was providential as far as we were concerned!

Dan was just as focused upon his return home and prepared to ask for Amy’s hand in marriage. Allen received a phone call at his office from Dan asking if he could talk to him. Dan was with Amy in his car down on the street by Allen’s office building. Amy didn’t know for sure what was transpiring, but Dan asked Allen for permission to marry Amy. He promised to love and take care of her forever. With Allen’s permission Dan left and took Amy to what became their favorite spot on the Howells family ranch up on Thousand Peaks. They rode to “their spot” on horseback and Dan got down on his knees and proposed. Amy said yes!

During the planning for a June wedding in the Salt Lake Temple, the two families became much better acquainted. The date of June 29, 1989, was decided on by the couple. One of the decisions to be made was regarding the wedding cake. When asked what they would like, Dan spoke up and said, “I will make the wedding cake.” Both mothers replied that a groom’s cake would be nice. Dan responded, “No, I want to make THE wedding cake!” When asked by the parents if he had ever made a wedding cake before he answered, “No, and I don’t remember ever having make a cake before, but it can’t be that hard!”

About two weeks before the wedding, Dan and his best man and best friend, Dave Larson, baked many cakes at Dan’s house. Lots of them and all kinds (packaged mixes, of course!) When asked about this experience in later years, Dan said they made many cakes and not all of them turned out so, he and Dave used them as discs and threw them across the creek. Those who attended the reception or saw pictures will recall that the wedding cake was multi-tiered and beautiful, decorated with real flowers and red roses and a band of ivy. And it tasted great! Dan’s secret was having conferred with his gifted, experienced aunt who gave assistance in the final assembling process.
This experience of the wedding cake was just the beginning of a life filled with lots of do-it-yourself kinds of opportunities that Dan enjoyed doing. Nothing was too much of a challenge. He thrived on trying something new. He built furniture for their home; built one of their homes in Arizona; did most of the remodeling of their Peoa home; helped build the family cabin in Thousand Peaks; started a business with his brother, Paul and taught us and his family much with his great attitude and willingness to work hard and accomplish his goals.

We owe Dan a great debt of love and gratitude for his influence in our lives and especially for the wonderful six grandchildren that bless our lives, Kathryn, Mary, Hannah, Spencer, Shad and Caleb. We are grateful for the love he has for Amy and the children and their eternal bond as a family.

Continue your good works in the Gospel, Dan, and we’ll see you in a far better place!
Much love and appreciation,

Allen & Mardy Erekson
Amy, Kathryn, Mary, Hannah, Spencer, Shad and Caleb,

I am so grateful for each and every one of you. We are truly blessed to know and understand the Lord's plan for us which includes families and the best part of it is the forever part. I have watched Amy and Dan over the years submit willingly to everything the Lord saw fit to inflict upon them. And they did it humbly. This trial will not be any different. I have watched as you have gone to your knees to seek the will of the father, in this one of the greatest of trials, and then turn with all your might and do what is required to continue in his path. Each of you have been a light to those around you and have reminded us where to turn in our times of need. My testimony has been strengthened by your examples. Kathryn who is willing to walk a walk of righteousness in difficult years. Mary who serves as a strength to her mother. Hannah who sees the lords hand in her life daily. Spencer who has a desire to emulate his fathers example of leadership in the home. Shad who willingly submits and continues on in spite of hardships. Caleb who emulates love and a tender heart. Amy who under the most difficult of circumstances continues to emulate faith, hope and charity. I feel so privileged to know each one of you and love you dearly. I know that the Lord will lighten our burdens that even we will not feel them upon our backs. He can comfort us in times of need, his atonement promises to ease the pain of death, sorrow and suffering and promises us joy as we put our trust in him and his plan for each of us.
I have no doubt that Dan trained his family in truth and righteousness and because of this I know they will be blessed. His desire to know more about the Lord and his purposes inspired many including myself to want to know more. His was a wonderful example of discipleship. I am truly grateful for the time we spent together and look forward to a joyful reunion.

All my love,
Kristen Mikesell (Sister-in-law)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dan Howells

How do you present an understanding of someone like Dan Howells. He spent his life caring and loving for everyone he could.
He was kind and loving to all. We weren’t his Bishop, but we know that he blessed the lives of all those who had that blessing. We were not his students that spent so much time learning the gospel and learning how to live their lives to bless those around them. We did not learn to build a house like he did, but we were blessed to see what he did to build and bless his family.
We are so blessed to now see the blessings of his wonderful family, to see their desires to life in righteousness and to serve others.
Dan blessed all of us with his example and his desire to serve The Lord.
Thank you, Dan, for being who you are and blessing our lives.
Uncle Alma and Aunt Lou

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

When I was attending Utah State many years ago, Dan and Amy had just had Kathryn and were both finishing up their degrees. As a student there, living away from home, some things were very hard to deal with on a day in and day out basis. (Roommates who did not get along, finding my own voice and dealing with the death of a grandparent). I spent quite a bit of time in their home and was always welcomed with open arms. Dan always had a smile on his face and would always have something positive, funny and sometimes a little quirky to share. I always knew that I could come away uplifted after airing any roommate or professor drama. Thank you for giving me a safe place to air my stresses and lots of laughs to relieve the stress. You truly exemplified the love our Savior has for each of us. I will always be eternally grateful for both of you and your selflessness. Sharon Nelson, Tooele, Ut.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Eternal Family

(Dan,) Amy, Kathryn, Mary, Hannah, Spencer, Shad and Caleb,

We are so glad you are part of our eternal family! We will miss Dan so very much over the next years, but we know he will always be part of our family. We cherish the memories we have of being with Uncle Dan - his wonderful laugh, friendly smile, great hugs, fun teasing, and general feeling of love for us. We love each of you and want you to know we are there for you in any way you may need us! Love,

Scott, Marielle, Erek, Matthew, Jacob, Ethan, Damon and Mari

I was lucky to be "Amy's little sister" all those fun years that Amy and Dan hung out in High School, and then be the third wheel when Dan got back from his mission - watching them fall madly in love! Dan was always such a fun-loving guy with a combined deep sense of seeking truth and knowledge. He was a caring brother-in-law who I could look up to as someone who loved the gospel, loved his family, and truly loved his wife. We had fun laughs and great talks, and I will miss him dearly. I want his parents and siblings to know how grateful I am that they shared Dan with our family - Amy is lucky to have such amazing in-laws. I love you Amy! Thank you for bringing Dan into our family and sharing him with us! We will truly miss him, but we know we will see him again and he will always be a part of our eternal family! Love, Marielle

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dan and Amy-Best Friends

Words are not enough; but I can't not try- my love runs deep. It's hard to even say how grateful I am to have been Dan's wife and companion-best friend- for the last twenty years. It has been the most extraordinary journey I have ever had; harder than anything I have ever done; more exhillerating and more rewarding than anything I have ever experienced; Dan taught me how to live. He knew that facing opposition and the difficult things that came our way and learning from them (whether we succeeded or failed) is something that strengthens us and brings joy in life. And truly that is succeeding! For our children this has been indespensible. He was far from perfect, and he'd be the first one to admit that. But one of the things that is so amazing about Dan is that he was valiant in studying and seeking for truth and then standing for the things he believed were true. If he was aware that he was doing something wrong then he would figure out how and change it. When he would come up against something that didn't seem to "jive" with what was in his mind and heart, with what he knew and believed, and he would not hesitate to seek out the answer to that problem or issue. Dan wasn't afraid to try. But he also knew that as a mortal man he needed heaven's help and sought to have the Lord's spirit to always guide him. Though he had fears, he chose faith over fear and did not allow his fears to stop him from persuing what he knew was right and true. The fear always diminished and/or disappeared. Dan faced his imperfections and persued standing square before the Lord, accountable and clean. Dan's love for his Heavenly Father, his Savior, his family and his friends is his motivation in everything he does. He is one of my greatest examples and heros. We have had many pieces of heaven in our home and in our lives throughout our time together and I miss him deeply. I have all hope and faith that the atonement of Jesus Christ will take this really good yet imperfect family and plop us right back together at some point in the future and that we will proceed together to all happiness and perfection. May the Lord strengthen me so I can continue to truly live during the next period of time while we are apart. I love you Dan! - Families are forever... -Amy

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I remember

I remember Dan. I accidentally found this site, and was shocked by the news. You see, I don't know Dans' life history or his family. In fact, I don't even remember if Dan had a family or kids or not, but when I found this blog, I needed to write.

I think Dan was either a student/student teacher, or very early in his career when he was my seminary teacher. It was at Westwood High School, and the year was 1992-1993. I was struggling as a youth finding my place in the world, and I very clearly remember that Dan and I shared a powerful connection. I actually remembered him many times throughout my life, because you see it was his powerful testimony of the Savior that helped me finish school and desire to serve a mission. I eventually served a mission in the early 90's in the former Soviet Union and was married in the temple with my sweetheart I met in Russia years later. This is so strange.... because I actually thought of Dan about a month ago and couldn't understand why, I used an example about him in a talk in the Russian branch of the church in SLC - it has been so many years, but I can vividly remember his smile and teary eyes as he looked into mine and told me the lord loves you and will send you on a mission! Wow.

Dan did impact my life, and if I'm the only student from his early years as a teacher that comments on here, I want you to know that Dan was a man of God, for he helped me turn to the Lord and impacted not only my life but those I have served myself all over the world!
Robert Maxwell

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Best Seminary Teacher EVER

Bishop Howells was my seminary teacher for 3.2 of my 4 years at CDO (and you have no idea how mad I was when I found out he wouldn't be there for all 4 years). I don't know if I've ever met a more humble, gentle man. I will never, ever forget how his lessons impacted my life. The ones I remember in particular were sweet, solemn occasions where the class was invited to share their testimonies. He had a gift for bringing the Spirit to a discussion that I've rarely seen paralleled.

I know how much he cared for each one of his students (there's no way he would have put up with all of us otherwise). One of the rare times I saw him get upset was when Laura managed to break the microwave (again) by trying to microwave her shoe (didn't work). But he could never stay mad long--he was so naturally happy.

The lessons he taught me in seminary laid a firm foundation for my testimony. I am eternally grateful for his patience, long-suffering, and absolutely pure charity. My one regret is that I didn't pay nearly as much attention as I should have. If there were some way to go back, I would just sit and listen for hours, absorbing everything. I still remember how I teared up when I realized he had come back for our seminary graduation--it didn't matter that he'd ditched out on my senior year; he was still my seminary teacher and the occasion wasn't complete without him.

I hope that his family can understand how much he touched my life and how I will never forget him. They will be in my prayers.

Megan (Mikesell) Blood

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Jill Clonts Memories of Dan Howells

Dan and Amy lived near my family and me for several years in Gilbert, Arizona. Amy and I are cousins and when I first moved to Arizona with my family, I had no idea just how wonderful it would be to have this piece of my family so close to all of us. We were there for each other in all the ways a family can and should be. We tended each others children, we went to the Temple together, we attended baptisms, baby blessings; all the important times we would have loved to have all of our families there, but since that could not be, we were there to support each other. I had been close to Amy and her sisters growing up, but we grew closer than we ever had been those years in Arizona. When Dan and Amy moved to Tucson, our families support of each other didn't end, it just changed a bit. Temple trips were planned way in advance and usually were an over-night event or I got to tend the newest member of the Howells' clan. General Conferences were my favorite. Dan and Amy and all the children would come for the entire weekend. The children would play so well together and we could relax and take in the words of the prophets. It was on these sacred occasions that I had the privilege of getting to know Dan better. We would watch conference while our children played. Then, after the sessions had ended, we would talk together about our thoughts, feelings and impressions of what was said. Dan had many amazing and touching insights. Two of these insights have stayed with me all these years.

The first is when Dan spoke of his feelings about "self esteem". He said that he felt that there is really no such thing as self esteem. That, if you truly believe in Christ and have faith in Him, that you succeed and do well in life because of your faith in Christ, not because of faith in yourself or self esteem. I have pondered this for years and have come to agree, in many ways with this faithful insight. It is my faith in Christ that motivates me in many, if not all, my decisions in life. If I begin to focus on me, I lose sight of what really matters; faith in Christ. It seems to me that what Dan was saying is that self esteem is selfish, worldly and not what the Lord intended. It is truly our "nothingness" that helps us to become worthy of feeling esteem. This nothingness brings us to faith in Christ and as a result, we feel better about ourselves, we're blessed with gifts of the Spirit and thus are more successful in life. I can see how self esteem is a great misnomer indeed. I certainly do not do this subject justice, as Dan could do. I did learn much from this insight and it has been a guide for me when I feel "less than" in the eyes of the world. I think that Dan felt that many of his students could benefit from seeing themselves through the eyes of the Savior instead of the eyes of their peers or the world around them. This is just one of many manifestations of Dan's love for his students, his desire for them to have happy, successful, faith filled lives and Dan's ability to see all of us through spiritual eyes.

The other prophetic insight Dan had was his view of the Second Coming of the Savior. Dan spoke of how there truly is The "Second Coming" when the Savior will come again to the earth and rule and reign. However, there is also a second coming for each of us, personally. That when we leave this earth, we have our own private second coming as we get to meet the Savior face to face and stand before him. Dan spoke of how important it was for him (and all of us) to prepare each day, to stand before the Savior and make that second coming a wonderful, joyous occasion. I know for Dan, that his own private second coming, was as beautiful and joyous as he had hoped.

I love the Howells family. I know that they have all been prepared for the passing of Dan. I know that the Lord loves this family and will bring them peace, joy and roll on the floor, can't stop laughing, kind of happiness.

I feel privileged to know Dan and Amy. I feel blessed to have had them in my home, to serve them and to be served by them. I am so thankful to my Heavenly Father that He put Dan and Amy in my life when He did. That they were able to touch me and my children in such a way that we will never forget nor be the same. I love you Amy, my sister-cousin and I am in awe of the powerful woman of God that you are. I love all of you children. You possess a power of heart and spirit that shines through in all you do, in all you say and in the way you live your lives every day. I pray the choicest of blessings upon all of you and know that the Savior's Atonement will bring you all healing and peace.

Love always,
Jill Clonts :)
Gilbert, Arizona

Sunday, May 10, 2009

My First Best Friend Ever

Dear Amy and family,

Just wanted to write and tell you how much we love you guys. Seems like many people have been writing about "Dan" but to me he will always be Danny. Many wonderful memories of my childhood where made possible because of Danny. Hardly a day would go by that the two of us didn't have some sort of activity going on at his family's old farm. This little piece of heaven was a virtual wonderland for two young boys. From riding his horse Ginger to chasing chickens...sorry parents if that was wrong. Good friends are hard to come by but Danny was as loyal as they come. I have been going through some of my old cards and have found many thank you cards that simply said "Thanks for being my friend..Love Danny." I also found some old pictures of us from the time we played baseball together and my birthday...don't get jealous about the hats.
I can not wait till I see him again and we can laugh about those wonderful days and great times we had together. Danny is the type of person who makes you want to be a better person yourself. His love for everyone was great because he always loved. This was how he was from the very first time I met my first best friend ever. We love you Amy and kids. What a wonderful family you have. May the Lord bless you always.

Todd Goff

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Strickland family - tucson | 11:46 p.m. March 30, 2009
We love and remember Dan Howells today as a humble man of many gifts and talents. His gentle ways as our Bishop in Tucson will long be remembered. We love the strength and goodness he instilled in our seminary-aged youth through his example and teachings as a CES teacher. How agonizing and sad for us that he is taken on to the other side a bit earlier than we expected, but we know that no departure here is an unexpected arrival there. And we are grateful for the strength of the Gospel teachings that comfort our aching hearts tonight. We miss you, Dan. God be with you till we meet again, and we pray for your special wife and wonderful children that the days and weeks ahead may be filled with the peace of the Spirit and many loving arms and hands to lift and encourage. Amy, please know of our love and prayers in your behalf as we plead to our Father in Heaven that you and your children will feel His strength.

Brad Slentz | 8:32 a.m. March 31, 2009
Dan Howells was a great seminary teacher who helped grow and cultivate my testimony during that time in life when is seems to be questioned the most. He was also a wonderful Bishop who helped me and my family in so many ways. I know that he has touched so many lives and will be sorely missed. Our prayers and love go out to his family at this difficult time.

Jennifer Nicholls Swegle | 9:58 a.m. March 31, 2009
I have very fond memories of Bro. Howells. He was with me all 4 years of high school, became my bishop, then taught at the LDS institute at The University of Arizona where I was attending. I miss his sweet family, but will never forget how they all have touched my life. God bless you Sis. Howells and all your children. What a wonderful man he was! He helped strengthen my testimony and was a welcomed additional father figure in my life. He had great passion for the gospel. Our prayers are with you and your family.

john and chere romney | 11:06 a.m. March 31, 2009
We love the Howells Family. Spence and Ann, Dan's parents have so often spoken so lovingly of him and his outstanding family. Our love goes out to all of your precious family. You will be in our thoughts and prayers.. Love John and Chere Romney
Howard Norton | 12:33 p.m. March 31, 2009
One of the really, really good guys in this world. I will miss the times up on the Salmon River with him. He will also be missed by the thousands he has taught in seminary, positions he has held and as a Bishop that he has had such an amazing impact on. Our love to Amy, their wonderful kids and his parents and family.
A great loss to the world, an incredible gain in Heaven! If the Lord was needing help up there, He definitely choose well.

Christopher Summerhays | 12:51 p.m. March 31, 2009
Bro. Howells -
You will always be remembered as a loving, caring person. May God be with your family at this tragic time. You are loved and will be most certainly missed. Thanks for all the great years in seminary, you were great! God be with you 'til we meet again.

Jeffrey Prottas | 2:55 p.m. March 31, 2009
Danny you will be truly missed. Amy, you and your family will be in our thoughts and prayers!

Suzanne Bolliger Giblette | 3:27 p.m. March 31, 2009
Oh Amy! My heart and prayers goes out to you at this time of loss. You were always such a strong person and one to quickly help others, now others can show you their strength. Dan was a great guy and always a terrific example. You will be in my thoughts through these next days.

Kristy McRae Witt | 5:02 p.m. March 31, 2009
Words cannot adequately describe the depth of my love and sympathy for Howells and Erekson families. Dan was (and still is) such an amazing guy...so down to earth, and so much fun to be around...such an infectious laugh and smile. Amy is simply incredible, and has been such a beautiful example and such a good friend throughout my life....she has incredible strength, courage and faith. Please know that our thoughts and prayers remain constant with you. May the Lord bless you with comfort and tender mercies continually. I love you.

Bruce and Carol Thompson | 7:34 p.m. March 31, 2009
Oh Amy, we are so sorry for your loss. We love your family. You are in our prayers. I appreciate everything you and Dan have done for us. Let us know if there is anything we can do.

Wade Weston | 11:20 p.m. March 31, 2009
I will always remember Danny's great example of humility, kindness and integrity. I hope he is able to see and comprehend the full measure of his earthly life and what great influence for good he has and will continue to have on this earth.
John & Shawnell Larsen | 12:44 a.m. April 1, 2009
Dan and Amy are the cream of the crop. Fortunately an all-knowing, loving Father who reigns supreme will most assuredly enable Dan to serve to his utmost capabilities as He continuously watches over the family here on earth. We'll greatly miss Dan and all that he was and is.

Randi Vest | 9:59 a.m. April 1, 2009
Dan was my seminary teacher and my bishop through some of the most important years of my life. I went to him for guidance during the rough patches of my adolescence, he was always there eager to listen and to help. He never stopped believing in me even when I stopped believing in myself. I have never met a man that had so much patience and love for the world, as he did. I will miss him! His family is in my prayers.

Nicole DeWitt Boyle | 11:15 a.m. April 1, 2009
Brother Howells was a wonderful seminary teacher. He was loved by everyone. He was a friend at a cross-roads for many. Seeing his picture on the Deseret News brought back so many memories. He always had a smile and always found a way to be upbeat. His love and enthusiasm were contagious. He served so many so well, and we are now all praying for the sweet family he left behind.

Daymon & Suzanne Leonhardt | 9:20 p.m. April 1, 2009
We are just heartsick to lose a friend like Dan. We are going to miss that great man. Amy, we love you and are praying for you and the kids. We wish we could be there to help.

Michelle McLaws Knight | 7:18 a.m. April 2, 2009
I remember Brother Howells as a happy, energetic, wonderful seminary teacher. He influenced so many for good. May his family find peace during this very sad time.

Allan Blankstrom | 11:33 p.m. April 6, 2009
I had the honor of being a neighbor to Dan and Amy and the kids and was welcomed into their home and hearts many times for dinner or for family night. The experience I took with me from their heart and home, their love and attention to me , just a neighbor has and will carry me through life a better man.
This has brought me to my knees humbly. Amy I miss you and offer all the strength I could ever send through the space between us. My eyes are closed and praying for you and the children.

Ian Katzman and Family Phoenix, AZ 1 Apr 1, 2009
Our prayers are with the family.

Monday, April 27, 2009

The River

There is something to be said about floating down the river. You get to nowhere faster than you want to and you really get to know those who are with you. The last river trip in July 2005 was no exception. The discussions with the Howells driving up and back are unforgettable, Spence was his usual charming self, Paul was coming into his own rite, Danny was still the teacher, Dax was quietly listening in and Kathryn became a good friend. (Dax sends his love from his mission in Brisbane Australia.)

You ask about Danny being the teacher; many years ago, Chris and I were the Young Single Adult Advisors for our ward and that included the duo of Danny and Dave. When they called us to that position, they told us we would be teaching them in Sunday School also. Well the teachers soon became the students and the students the teachers. What a great experience it was to learn from that class. And when Amy started coming with Danny, it wasn't hard to see that he had stars in his eyes and was going to start a whole new life.

We watched family closeness on that trip. We learned from example about family ties and love. I saw a closeness between a father and daughter that any parent would want to have and incredible bonding through three generations. This is one family that will definitely be together forever!

May Heavenly Father always bless the Howells family and may your memories of Dan be sweet and loving.

Howard, Christine and Dax Norton

Obituary and Guest Book Entries

Daniel Spencer Howells

Our beloved Daniel Spencer Howells died in a tragic car accident on March 30, 2009, at the age of 41. Dan was born to Ann Clair Kingdon Howells and Spencer Felt Howells on October 19, 1967 in Salt Lake City, Utah. After graduating from Brighton High School he served honorably in the LDS New Zealand Christ church mission. Upon his return Dan married the love of his life, Amy Erekson, in the Salt Lake Temple on June 29, 1989.

Dan and Amy's adventure first took them from Salt Lake City to Israel for a work study opportunity. When they returned to Utah, Dan earned his bachelor's degree from Utah State University and they started their beautiful family. Later they moved to Arizona, where Dan earned his Master's degree from Northern Arizona University. A gospel scholar and gifted teacher, Dan taught seminary and institute courses in the LDS Church Education System for 17 years. He loved and inspired the youth that he taught and they loved him. After serving as bishop of the La Cholla Ward in Tucson, Arizona, Dan returned with his family to Herriman, Utah. Two and a half years ago they fulfilled their family dream and built their home in beautiful Peoa, Utah.

Dan was an independent, creative thinker who relished tackling the seemingly impossible—he could figure out how to do anything. He was a believer, a dreamer and a doer. Dan read widely and he loved the outdoors; he loved dry-fly fishing, backpacking, river rafting, riding horses, and spending time at the family cabin in Weber Canyon. Above all, Dan loved being a father to his six remarkable children. Every decision he made in life was for their benefit. He was and forever will be their hero.

We will miss Dan's deep and rich baritone voice and hearty laugh that made us all so happy to be around him. He was as Christ-like as any person we ever knew—a wonderful man full of integrity, life and light. Dan was a passionately loyal and loving husband; a gentleman in every sense of the word; a man for all seasons; a man of God.

Dan is survived by his wife, Amy; his children, Kathryn, Mary, Hannah, Spencer, Shadrach and Caleb; his parents, Spencer and Ann Howells; siblings, Sarah (Layne) Jensen, Kathryn (Bob) Hart, Amy, Paul (Michelle); mother and father-in-law, Mardy and Allen Erekson; siblings-in law, Kristen (Brad) Mikesell, Kari (Rick) Wahlquist, Marielle (Scott) Nelson, Spencer (Carol) Erekson; grandmother, Ruth Howells and a close-knit and loving extended family.

Funeral Services will be held Friday, April 3, 2009 at 12:00 noon at the Kamas Stake Center at 3038 North, State Road 32, Marion, Utah. Viewings will be held on Thursday evening, 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. at the LDS Ward Chapel on 7784 South Highland Drive in Salt Lake City, Utah and on Friday morning from 10:00 to 11:45 a.m. at the Stake Center prior to services. Interment will follow in the Peoa Cemetery under the direction of Crandall Funeral Home. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Dan Howells Children Trust at any Key Bank.


April 17, 2009
Dear Howells Family,
My daughter Kaitlyn was in Shad's class at school for several years, and I remember meeting your husband and father on several occasions. My favorite was during the talent show last year - Shad told jokes, and his dad was right there laughing the longest and loudest. It was a sweet moment that I'll never forget. We sure miss having Shad in the class this year.
I'm so sorry for your loss and pray you can have peace during this difficult time.
Stephanie, Mike, and Kaitlyn Roach
~ Stephanie Roach, West Jordan, Utah April 16, 2009

Dear Amy-
I wanted to express my love and sympathy to you and your family. Danny was a blessing to everyone who knew him. He never seemed to run out of kind words and warm smiles. When someone touches our life for good, it is not diminished by time or distance. I am so sorry, and I pray the Lord's blessings to be with you.
~ Shari Thompson Knudson, Ellicott City, Maryland | Contact Me April 15, 2009
Dear Amy, I just heard the news of the passing of you husband and just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you. I miss seeing Shad at school. We are so sorry for you loss.
Deanne, Matt and Payton DeGraw
~ Deanne DeGraw, Cottonwood Heights, Utah April 13, 2009

Dear Amy: Our love, thoughts and prayers are with you. We wish that we could have been with you during this most difficult time and we look forward to seeing you soon. In our family, Dan set high standards as a father and husband and he will be deeply missed. We love you.
~ Jay & Bailey Elggren, Henderson, Nevada April 12, 2009

On behalf of the 1981 Seminary Council at Brighton High, Brother Howells and Annie, we want you to know how much we love you and send our love to you at this time. May you feel the Lord's great love and comfort for you now, and in the many years to come. You are great people, that touched out lives so many years ago, and your love and influence is still felt in our lives today, because you loved us. You were there for us at many crossroads we faced. Thank you for your sustaining support and we will never forget you. From our hearts to yours, God bless. Lovingly,
Dave Findlay, Gaylen Jorgensen, Connie Thacker, Cindy Walker, Shara Larsen, Jeff Harward, Dana Padfield, Blake West, and Jane Nichols. The 1981 Seminary Council
~ Elon, North Carolina April 10, 2009

Dear Amy,
I have never met you or your husband but am a close friend of your Uncle Spence Felt and his wife, Barbara. I was so saddened to read of your loss with 6 lovely children. I am making a contribution to the Children's fund at Key Bank. May God bless you and your family.
Geri McCarthy Clark
~ Geraldine Clark, Salt Lake City, Utah April 09, 2009

I am so sorry. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I know this will get harder before it gets easier. Stay close to the Lord and rely on Him. Talk about Danny often, it will help keep his memory fresh for your children. You and Danny were lucky to have each other. What a tragedy! Again I am so sorry. I love you.
~ Kathy Sligting Heward, Murray, Utah | Contact Me April 07, 2009
Dear Howell Family,

I know you don't know who I am, but I too have lost my husband; however, mine was 2 years ago. The pain is so fresh for you know and will not completely go away without the Lord. I never thought I would make it through the first year, but there is Hope in Christ. He will strength you and bless you. He will compensate for your loss. I know because I have been there. We have 2 children together and their hearts ache for their father- Endure and they will be blessed by your example. You will be in my prayers.
Sisalee Goodrich
~ Sisalee Goodrich, Utah April 07, 2009

Thank you to the members of the Howells family that have touched my life. In high school I looked forward, each day, to a smile from Dan. Life was better because of his kindness and way of making people feel valued. The lessons I learned in Seminary from you, Brother (Spencer) Howells, have helped to make me who I am today. Your kindness, as well as Dan's, lifted my spirits and made each day a good one anytime I was around you. Sarah, it was wonderful to see a familiar and friendly face when I first moved into your ward. You are a great person, like your brother and dad. I admire and respect you all so much. I know you will receive an outpouring of love, strength and comfort from the Lord whenever you need it. My love and prayers are with you and your families.
~ Wendy Wilhite Glade, Highland, Utah April 06, 2009

Dear Spence and Ann: We were saddened to hear of the tragic death of Dan...he was such a choice person.
We extend our deepest sympathy to you and your family.
Love, Gordon and Susan Porter
~ Gordon and Susan Porter, Mesa, Arizona April 06, 2009

Amy and family,
Since you guys moved from Herriman I have thought of you often. Your beautiful family has touched so many! Dan was a great man! I have fond memories of him at girls camp. You and him even followed me out of the canyon when we left late on bishop ric night. He was kind, thoughtful, fun, and so very loving toward his family. I loved when you would teach sunday school, he always looked at you so adoringly. You could just see and feel how much love he had for you and your kids. It was beautiful. My thoughts and prayers are with you guys!
~ Carrie Peterson, Riverton, Utah April 05, 2009

To Dan's sister Amy,
Kay told me last night about your loss. How sorry I am that I didn't know before the funeral or I would have come to give you a hug! Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you! Love always, Dalynne Grover
~ Dalynne Grover, Salt Lake City, Utah | Contact Me April 05, 2009

Dearest Amy & family,
We are so saddened to hear about your sweet husband and father. Dan was a wonderful bishop. A favorite memory was the year he made sure that every sister in the ward had a beautiful tomato plant for our gardens for Mother's Day. It was just like him to be so thoughtful and so faithful. Our children were in preschool together--I loved being in your home and feeling the Spirit there. May the peace that comes only from our Savior, Jesus Christ, fill your hearts and home eternally. Our prayers are with you. Much Love.
~ Matt & Lori Waddel, Cedar Hills, Utah | Contact Me April 05, 2009

Dan was one of my zone leaders in the mission field. He was a great elder who truly loved the savior. My deepest sympathy to you and your family. My prayers are with you all.
~ LaVonne Norris, Mesa, Colorado April 05, 2009

Dear Ann and Spencer,
You may not remember me, but I went to Highland with both of you. I now live in Tucson and saw the notice of your son's tragic death. My deepest sympathy to you and your family.
Barbara Allen McDermaid
Highland High Class of 1962 April 05, 2009

My heart aches for you and your children. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. Danny was a great man and everyone who knew him was better off for it. His legacy of love and service will live on in the lives of those he touched. Take comfort in knowing that families are forever and that the bands of death have been broken. You will see your sweetheart again. In the meantime, know that your friends and family near and wide are here for you.
Much Love,
~ John Steele, Los Angeles, California | Contact Me April 05, 2009

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I wish I could have been there to give you a huge hug at the funeral. You and Danny were always such happy, warm and caring people. You both make lives better, just by being who you are. I haven't seen either of you in years, but I still consider you both friends.
Heavenly Father must really need Danny in Heaven. And he'll be watching over you and help make sure things turn out ok for you.
Much love,
~ Paige Coleman Erickson, Highland, Utah | Contact Me April 05, 2009

As I recall my association with Danny in the choir room, the memories are all good. The fruit rested right under the tree. And the next generation of fruit must be ready as well. My deepest condolences to a very special family of friends from the past.
~ Tom Waldron, Riverton, Utah April 05, 2009

Dear Amy and Family,
I am so thankful to have known Dan. He blessed my life with his example of humility, kindness and integrity. Those are the three words that come to mind when I think of Dan. In High School he was the guy who chose his words carefully and meant what he said. He included everyone and sought out anyone left out. He only used kind words. He cared for others before himself. His positive outlook was always evident in his infectious smile. Dan was wise and always made thoughtful decisions.
I pray you will be comforted through this difficult time.
~ Wade Weston, Castle Rock, Colorado | Contact Me April 05, 2009

I heard this sad news and have been thinking of you ever since. I am so so so sorry. I want you to know, you are in my thoughts, and my prayers. Words cannot express the sorrow I feel. I pray you are your lovely children will find peace.
Meghan (Anderson) Pantone
~ Meghan Pantone, Sandy, Utah | Contact Me April 04, 2009

Amy and Family:
You are in our thoughts and prayers. May the beautiful messages of Conference today and tomorrow be as a balm for you. We think of you and pray for you.
Thank you for your friendship and example during your "Tucson years."
~ Tim & Sharmayne Wardell, Tucson, Arizona April 04, 2009

Amy and children, We are truly broken hearted over your loss. Dan was an amazing servant of his Father in Heaven. We know how much he cared for you and wanted to give you and the children so much happiness. We pray that Heavenly Father will wrap you in His arms and hold you to Him and give you peace.
With love,
Steve and Eileen Eagar
~ Eileen and Steve Eagar, Tucson, Arizona April 04, 2009

Howells Family,
May our Father in Heaven be with you at this time in your lives to comfort and guide you. I want you to know how blessed I was was for having him as my seminary teacher for four years at CDO. You always knew he loved and cared for me and everyone he taught. He will be missed by all.
~ Christopher Summerhays, Tucson, Arizona | Contact Me April 04, 2009

Amy I don't know if you remember me - we went to High School together, but I just heard about Danny and want you to know how terribly sorry I am. I can only imagine your pain but will pray that Heavenly Father helps you through this horrible time - and gives you some understanding.
Serena Shirley Potter
~ Serena Potter, Crestline, California April 04, 2009

No words can express how we will all miss Dan. If he were here there are a few thoughts and feelings I would love to share with him. I wish I would have told him in person when I saw him last Christmas. There are people who enter our lives who are truly remarkable. Dan really was one of those people. Without fail, Dan always had a smile when he saw you. He had an ability to make you feel like you were the most important person in the room. Dan's hugs are really unforgetable. I think I still have a rib out of place from Christmas. But, his hugs weren't just tight, they were heartfelt. A "Dan hug" would say how are you doing, talk to me, tell me whats on your mind. His hugs said, I am glad you are here right now, and I am glad to be with you. At his funeral Amy said that Dan lived in the present, and he truly did. He made every moment count. I will miss his laugh, a deep giggle really. I will miss his smile and the glint in his eye when he would talk to anybody. You always knew that Dan was listening. He wanted to know what you thought and why you thought that way. Spiritually, he would answer any question you had. I always felt he was the right person to ask because he didn't judge you, and as we all know, Dan was pretty well connected in the spiritual sense. He would respect opinions, even though they didn't always agree with his. Time seemed to stand still for Dan. It didn't matter how long you talked to him, he always seemed to have time for you. It's because Dan genuinely cared about everyone. We will all miss his sense of humor, the sarcasm that seemed to enter at just the right moments, and the laughter that followed. Wow, what a great person, but more than that, what a gift from God. Dan loved being a Dad. We all knew he would. Amy, he loved you so much. I want to thank both of you for being such a huge part of so many peoples lives. You and Dan were always in charge of rounding everyone up every year. It has kept us all close and we will all be there for you in the next few difficult months and for the years to come. I love you Amy, I think you are an incredible person and I also think Dan was better because of you. You are such a strength and an example for your children and to all of us. My thoughts are with you.
All my love
Holli Horton Dunn
~ Holli Horton Dunn, Holladay, Utah April 04, 2009

Amy and Family: You don't know me, I am your sister Kristen's Aunt Dixie from Ogden. I am so sorry for your loss and can't imagine how devasting this must be. After reading the online guest book I've concluded your husband must have been a wonderful husband, father, son and friend. He would want you to go on, and remember the teachings he taught everyone. What an example he must have been. I love Kristen very much. I know you are just as wonderful as Kristen. Your parents raised a wonderful family. Our family sends our love and sympathy. I know Heavenly Father will be with you.
~ Dixie Holmes, Ogden, Utah April 04, 2009

What a wonderful family. May the memories of his righteous life guide and inspire each of the family members to live a celestial life as this will be his desire.
~ Arie Noot, Spanish Fork, Utah | Contact Me April 04, 2009

Amy, I remember when we had you and Danny over to play cards in Arizona many years ago. I am so sorry for your loss, I know the Holy Ghost will sustain you through this time and Danny will be nearby to help guide your family, I am so sorry for your loss and this tragedy, we too lost a son in a tragic car accident 6 years ago, he was 5 years old, I think about him every day, he still influences our lives and our children's lives, I am sorry for your separation and pain, sometimes we think we can never handle the most difficult things and the Holy Ghost steps in and somehow we are able to be comforted and carry on. I hope you will feel this tremendous power in your life, you were a good friend in high school. With Love, Wendy Funk
~ Wendy Funk, Mesa, Arizona April 03, 2009

I served with Brother Howells on the High Council in Herriman for a year. He was a great man. When I was a little boy, my mom (Candy Fowler) taught Dance with Pearl Wagstaff and Dan's Mom would babysit me in their little white farm house, (chickens, etc. . . .long ago...back in the day.) I even remember playing with him...(although he was older). I think his sisters Sarah and Kathryn danced with my sister Katie and Kathryn even danced with Katie at BYU. This is so sad...he was a special, good man.... It breaks my heart. love,
Matt Fowler
~ Matthew Fowler, South Jordan, Utah | Contact Me April 03, 2009

Dear Amy and children,
We were saddened by your loss of a husband and father. John just reconnected with you and Dan this fall in Oakley/Peoa. Your family was greatly loved and appreciated in the La Cholla ward and at our CDO seminary. You and Dan had an influence for good with so many of our young people in Tucson. Our prayers are with you at this difficult time.
Our love,
John and Bonnie Haymore
Tucson, Arizona
~ Bonnie Haymore, Tucson, Arizona April 03, 2009

My name is Shanna you do not know me but you know my daddy, Donald He thinks the world of your family and of shad,he loved to drive him you all have a special part in dads heart. If you ever need anything know that DAD will be there just ask.All our love April 03, 2009
Brother Howells was my Institute teacher. His teachings will forever be with me and everyone he shared with. My heart goes out for your family.
~ Whitney Stevens, Sandy, Utah April 03, 2009

Dear Amy and Bro. and Sis. Howells,
So sorry to hear of Dan's passing. My heart has been sad today for you and your children. May the Lord bring you comfort and the healing power of the atonement be with you in the days ahead.
~ Alison Thacker Anderson, Riverton, Utah April 03, 2009

Amy and family,
I loved serving under Dan's direction in the Young Women. If he was in YW visiting, he would often kiss Kathryn and Mary before he left the room, and I loved seeing their adoration of him and the closeness they shared. Any time I got to converse with him about a certain young woman or the program in general, I left uplifted and beaming inside. He just emanates the light of Christ, and it draws people to him. His example continues to touch my life profoundly. May we all live as he does. All our love and prayers are with you.
~ Audrey & Ashley Buchanan, Herriman, Utah April 03, 2009

Dear Ann & Spence:
It seems I keep getting bad news I am not ready to hear. Danny's passing is totally devastating to me. I don't know how a family can handle such a tragedy, especially losing a son who is such an incredible young man. Being such close friends and neighbors made us all feel like family. Once Angie and I moved to Mexico we did not see you and your family as much as we wanted. This accident makes me think we should have stayed at home. We want you and your family to know of our love for all of you and offer our sympathy and condolences. I have no words to say how grief stricken we are or the sadness we feel for you and your families. God must have needed one of the most special young men I have ever known to call him home so early. God be with you til we meet again.
Our best personal regards,
~ Don Holbrook, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico April 03, 2009

~ SHARON AND JOE GUTIERREZ, TUCSON, Arizona April 03, 2009

Dear Ann, my dance friend Kathryn and family,
I just learned of the passing of Daniel and wanted to share my hearfelt sympathy to you and your family. I am so sorry for this tragic loss. My heart and prayers go out to you. Please know that my family (Bill and Candy Fowler) and I are thinking of you. I have some scattered, sweet memories of playing hide and seek with Dan, Sarah and Kathryn at your farm house, back when Ann used to baby sit me. God Bless. Much love to you all.
Katie Fowler Smith
~ Katie Smith, Veyo, Utah | Contact Me April 03, 2009

Amy and children,
Our hearts are full for your family. Our children always loved "playing" and "hanging out" at the Howell home because it was always full of love and fun. Thank you for being the good people that you are. You will be in our continued thoughts and prayers as you endure the times to come. Know that we will always be there for your family in any way that we can help. Remember that you are loved.
~ Terry & Debby (Rindlisbacher) Porter Family, Cedar City, Utah April 03, 2009

I just heard the news of Danny's passing from Trey Reynolds this morning. Words fail to express the sorrow and sympathy I wish I could convey to you. Danny was a very special person to me and all of us. I have fond memories of my time with both you and Danny through our years at Brighton. My first thought when I heard the news took me back to our days on the wrestling team together. Lots of blood, sweat and tears shared on that mat between me and Danny. What a good man.
I am deeply sorry for your loss, Amy.God Bless You and your children.
~ Robb Erickson, Klamath Falls, Oregon | Contact Me April 03, 2009

Dear Amy, children and family,
Our thoughts and prayers are with you and all of your family at this very difficult time. Bro Howells will surely be missed by so many. He was a great bishop to our family in the LaCholla ward, and a wonderful seminary teacher to my kids who attended CDO. May our Father in Heaven bless you with peace and comfort at this time.
Steve & Ritara Hauck April 03, 2009

Amy and Kids, Our family aches for you and wishes there was something more to say or do for you. You are in our prayers. We, too, have been greatly touched by Dan and his amazing testimony. He had such a gift for teaching and his amazing smile was so contagious to everyone around him. We pray that you will find the peace and comfort you need daily until you are reunited as a family. We feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity to have met and been touched by your sweet family.
~ Laine and Heidi Sabey, Herriman, Utah April 03, 2009

Amy and children, We were so heartbroken to hear of Dan's passing. What a wonderful man he was. We love you and are grateful for the knowledge of our Heavenly Father's plan for our happiness in this life...and especially in the life to come. We love you so much and are praying for you.
~ Jody and Layne Sybrowsky, Sandy, Utah April 03, 2009

I am so sorry for you and your family. My thoughts and prayers are with you. How grateful you must be to have loved and been loved so totally, and to know that this is only temporary.
Clark Burt
~ Clark Burt, Lehi, Utah April 03, 2009

Amy, Spence, Ann and children,
Our hearts and prayers go out to each of you in your time of loss. Dan was such a great person and example. We pray that the reality of the atonement and resurrection will sustain and strengthen each of you in days ahead.
~ Randy and Stephanie Foulger, Herriman, Utah April 03, 2009

Dear Spence, Anne and Family,
We were saddened to hear of Daniel's passing. As we read and hear of his life.
We can see he is a reflection of each of you. He learned by example, and set great example of his own. We ran acrossed a photo of him a mounth ago, which brought back memories of the old days. He was about 5 years old.
We extend our heartfelt sympathy at this time of saddness but joy. May The Lord's choice blessings be with your family.
~ Brent and Nancy Harrison, Payson, Utah | Contact Me April 03, 2009

Amy and family. We send our greatest heart felt sympathy from Japan. We were heart broken to hear the News of Dan's death. We loved being with your family at Bear Lake reunions and we will miss him being with us. We love you and are grateful for the gospel plan that makes these kinds of tradgies bearable. We are praying and crying along with our whole family. I'm grateful that we are an eternal family and that we will see Dan again. We wish we could be with you during this time of sorrow, but we are trying to bring this wonderful gospel message to the people here in Japan. We love you and are praying and hugging you from so far away. Love, President and Sister Traveller (Bruce and Leanne to you)
~ Leanne Traveller, Nagoya Japan April 03, 2009

It's amazing to read how many people Bro. Howells has touched and made better just for knowing him. I always left his presence feeling happy, confident, and loved by my Heavenly Father. He was one of the most humble, loyal, smart, spiritual, fun, loving and the list goes on and on . . man that I've been fortunate to know. My prayers are with you Amy and the kids. Know that you are loved by so many!!
~ N. Parker, Heber City, Utah April 03, 2009

Spence & Ann
No wonder Dan turned out to be the man he was, with having such great parents like you. You are truely an example to all. I was fortunate to have grown up with Dan, and look foward to meeting up with him again. May the Lord comfort, protect, and take care of Amy and their children. May the sadness and loss of Dan, remind you of the heavenly blessings and eternal life to come. We love you and pray for you.
Tracy and Rachelle Kenney
~ Tracy & Rachelle Kenney, Herriman, Utah | Contact Me April 02, 2009

Karthryn and Bob are in our ward in Highland, and we just love them. That was a beautifully written obituary that painted a picture of well-loved, wonderful man. We're so sorry. And please know our hearts are with your family.
~ Mindy and Griff Christensen, Highland, Utah April 02, 2009

Howells Family,
Brother Howells was my seminary teacher while I attended CDO high school. He made such an impact in my life that I have been trying to find him for a number of years. I feel honored to have had Brother Howells in my life. My heart aches for you, I pray for you all to have peace in your hearts. He truly is a choice spirit.
~ Anya Williams, Tucson, Arizona | Contact Me April 02, 2009

I am heartbroken for you. My heart goes out to your children and Dan's and your parents. He leaves a rich legacy of love and compassion. What a great gift to all who knew him. All of you will be in my heart and prayers. Rest in the comfort of our Father and know Dan will be treasured and remembered always.
Peace be with you.
~ Kimberly Coward-Brandstetter, Conifer, Colorado April 02, 2009

Your family is awesome. What an excellent example of living the gospel to its fullest each and every day! You'll always be in our treasure chest of memories. Thanks for sharing your time and amazing talents with the rest of us. We'll greatly miss Dan's whit, testimony, meekness, and calming influence until we meet again. Consider us friends forever.
~ John & Shawnell Larsen, Herriman, Utah April 02, 2009

One of my earliest memories is catching frogs and pollywogs in Danny Howell's pond. I remember Danny's great laugh. I am pleased he has lead such a great life and has touched the lives of so many people. All of my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
~ Daniel Mann, Henderson, Nevada | Contact Me April 02, 2009

We were fortunate to get to know your family when we moved to Herriman. We will always remember Dans big smile and the love he had for all around him. While helping finish up a few things in your old home here we saw the way Dan looked at Amy and their laughter and teamwork. He was an amazing man! Please know you are in our thoughts and prayers.
DJ & Melissa Sorensen
~ DJ & Melissa Sorensen, Herriman, Utah April 02, 2009

Dear Howells family,
We share in your grief and heartache. The Howells family is synonymous with faith, hope and hard work. Your family is a bulwark in the gospel. We have no doubt you will honor your dad by your continued good works. Please accept our heartfelt condolences and sincere prayers as you work through this tragic loss.
The DeGerings,
Jim, Sheryl, Jenna and McKay
~ Sheryl DeGering, Oakley, Utah April 02, 2009

Dear Amy, Kathryn and family.
We are so sorry about the loss of Dan. During the time we were neighbors he touched our lives in a positive way. We will miss him.
Love Heather, Nick and Sierra
~ Heather McKeag, Tucson, Arizona April 02, 2009

Danny -- You were always smiling and now you'll smile down on the rest of us... you will be missed. Amy, you and your family will be in our prayers and in our hearts...
~ Jeffrey Prottas, Minneapolis, Minnesota | Contact Me April 02, 2009

Ann and Spencer, We are truly sorry for your loss. Please know that you have old friends who are praying for you and your family. Bruce and Carolyn Summerhays
~ Bruce and Carolyn Summerhays, Farmington, Utah | Contact Me April 02, 2009

I am so sorry about your loss. I loved Dan very much. He was an amazing father to his daughter Kathryn, my best friend and all of his other children. He treated me like one of his own. He made me feel so welcome and loved by the whole family. I wish I could be there for all of you guys. I love all of you so much... Amy, Kathryn, Mary, Hannah, Spencer, Shad, Caleb, thank you all so much for everything. Love Sierra.
~ Sierra DeMesa, Tucson, Arizona April 02, 2009

Amy & family, So many kind and wonderful things have been expressed, all of which have been said beautifuly. When ever we visited with your family, it was such a joy to feel the love you had for one another & the Lord. Hometeaching your family was a privilage. Thank you for coming into our lives and touching our world for the better.
~ Dean & Paula Bowers, Herriman, Utah April 02, 2009

Bishop Howells lived his life in a way that touched people. His kind demeanor, hard work, and passion for life are a few characteristics I remember about him. Sometimes he came across as meek, but always showed bravery in what he believed in. He did like to joke around with the kids in seminary and the La Cholla ward. I remember he would joke around about, "why Amy would marry a guy like him" (she is so beautiful and sweet). I think we all know why she picked a guy like him. He is a one of a kind. I honor him and his legacy. His is the type of legacy I could only wish for.
May God's Peace be with Amy and the children. My prayers are with you.
Holly Pearson Merrill
La Cholla Ward
~ Holly Pearson, Los Angeles, California | Contact Me April 02, 2009

Dear Amy;
Marielle was a close friend of mine through high school and I have very fond memories of spending time at your family's home. Please accept heartfelt condolences from me and my family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and yours during this time of grief.
With love,
~ Michelle (Strasters) Albert, Arlington, Virginia | Contact Me April 02, 2009

Dear Ann and Spence,
I can't put into words the depth of our sorrow for your temporary loss of Danny. We have been praying for you, and we join with you in faith, remembering everything we have felt and taught all these many years. Barb and I love you both.
~ Richard Scoville, South Jordan, Utah April 02, 2009

I just wanted to let you and your family know how sorry I am for your loss. You are such a wonderful family and Dan was such a nice man. I remember his boyish excitement as he showed us his plans for your house in Peoa. I also loved how he always looked at you so lovingly when you were being crazy on game nights. Know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time. I hope that you are able to find the added strength and faith that you need to make it through this difficult time. Know that you are loved by many.
~ Tricia Toponce, Herriman, Utah April 02, 2009

Amy and Family,
We are so sorry to hear about Dan. You are in our thoughts and prayers. We wish you peace and comfort at this time.
Greg and Darcy Hemenway
~ Queen Creek, Arizona April 02, 2009

Amy and Family,
I always loved being the "seminary teachers kids" at BHS with Danny. He has always been such an example for good to me. I loved his laugh and his big grin. I feel truly blessed to have known him. He had such great faith. He had faith in the Lord, faith in those around him and a strength and encouragement that made others want to be near him. Amy,I am so sorry, my heart aches for you. I will pray for you, your children and family. He has left an amazing legacy . May we all continue to Honor Dan by living honorable lives.
Thank you for raising such a great son. Thank you for being examples to all of us. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
All my love....
~ Julie Palmer Cheney, Draper, Utah | Contact Me April 02, 2009

We are so sorry to hear of your loss. Our thoughts are with you and your family at this hard time. We are so greatful for the friendships that our children enjoy with your children. What a wonderful eternal family you are. Love the Wilkinson Family
~ Gene Wilkinson, Oakley, Utah April 02, 2009

Amy and family,
I'm deeply saddened to hear of the loss of Dan. Though my acquaintance may be short, starting from your move to Peoa, and your children's entry into the schools I serve, I was deeply impressed by Dan upon first meeting him at an IEP about 2 1/2 years ago. His keen intellect, wide ranging questions, and clear ability to get in and fight for what he felt was the best for his children earned my admiration. Amy, I've also enjoyed my acquaintance with you and enjoy working with your children. They are such a delight. There is so much I admire in your children, and I know it's due to the wonderful parents they have, working with them and fighting on their behalf. I know Dan will continue to give you and the children strength from above, as you continue down the path of raising your children and fighting for the best for each of them. He is still and always will be the core of your specialy family unit.
~ Ann Lovell, Cottonwood Heights, Utah April 02, 2009

Dearest Amy and Family,
Please just know how heartbroken I am for you. I love you and pray the Lord will envelope you with peace and comfort at this difficult time.
~ Amy (Kohlert) Manzanares, Darby, Montana | Contact Me April 02, 2009

I can remember Brother Howells when he was used to be in my ward as a bishop in the La Cholla ward a long time ago. he was such a awesome guy. im really sad that hes gone now. Best wishes the the Family
~ Taylor Strickland, Tucson, Arizona | Contact Me April 02, 2009

Dear Spence and Ann,
Our son Chris informed us of your tragic loss. Spence, you taught Chris at the Brighton Seminary and remembers Dan with fondness. I believe Dan was a year behind and a year ahead our son Paul. I have warm and loving memories of our time together teaching seminary. I do remember Dan well and always thought of him as a solid and thoughtful boy. I'm pleased to know that he was so very successful in all his endeavors. We love and admire you, and our thoughts and prayers will be with you. We hope you will be spiritually strengthened in the coming times ahead.
Steve & Elizabeth Hedquist
~ Steve Hedquist, Ann Arbor, Michigan April 02, 2009

What a shock to learn of Dan's death. Amy, we wish you the very best with your family at this time of difficult parting. The hope of "restoration" as Alma speaks of it, to have you restored as a couple, never to part again, brings the "peace that passeth understanding". May the blessings and hope of the Savior bring healing.
Bryan and Joanne Weston
~ A. Bryan Weston, Bountiful, Utah April 02, 2009

Bishop Howells had unique spiritual gifts well beyond his years. I will remember Bishop Howells(who looked like a teenager) carrying his backpack to all of his church meetings. I am grateful for the hours he gave me and my family in counseling and support through difficult times.I will never forget his inspired counsel. All my best to sweet Amy and the children...
Kim Harmon
~ Kim Harmon, Cedar Hills, Utah April 02, 2009

My heart is heavy for you and your loss of a man that seems like an absolutely incredible person in every way. How blessed you are to have him as an eternal companion to return to someday. May the Lord buoy you up in every way with strength and faith to handle your life ahead. How blessed you are to be surrounded by wonderful family and friends. You will be in my thoughts and prayers always!
Heather (Poelman) Remund Israel Winter 1988
~ Heather Remund, Salt Lake City, Utah | Contact Me April 02, 2009

You and Dan and your children have been almost all that Bernice and I have talked about since we heard of your tremendous loss. Hearing the news hit me like a shot to the heart. Dan was a good, wonderful man that we were proud to call our friend. We are so much better for having known him. I remember how, when I would ask him a difficult question, he would pause and quietly listen for a moment to know exactly how to answer. Not only did he trust in the Lord, but he had integrity and enough regard for others to do everything he could to get things exactly right. My daughter, Anna, told me that a lot of who she is today is because the things she learned from him in the ward and in seminary. God speed, Bishop. May the Lord continue to make your paths straight. May He show you how to keep watch over your little ones even now, and help you smooth the way in front of them. Thank you for all you have done for us and for the amazing example you set. We love you.
~ Brian and Bernice Maxwell, Oro Valley, Arizona | Contact Me April 02, 2009

Dear Spencer and Ann,
Forty-nine years have passed since I last spoke with you at the time of the accidental death of your father. Our feelings are especially tender for you and Daniel's family for your loss. I have acquainted myself with Daniel as I read his obituary. I am certainly not surprised at his impeccable character and accomplishments, having known you as a teenager.
~ Kim Aagard, Moroni, Utah April 02, 2009

Amy & family,
When you think of someone who has touched your life and left an imprint forever... I think of Dan. In high school, he was my friend and confidant, in life he has been an example and an inspiration. I feel so blessed to have known him and to have been touched by his spirit. He will for always and forever be one of my favorite, most loved people. Amy, know that my thoughts and prayers are of you and your sweet family. Please know that you are dearly loved and that I treasure your kind friendship always. I look forward to a great reunion with family and friends made whole, where we will embrace in a great big hug and bask in those great big smiles that Dan so freely shared.
all my love to you,
~ Jen Emery Stewart, Sandy, Utah | Contact Me April 02, 2009

Amy and Family,
I am so sorry to hear about Dan. Every time I think of you my heart is full of compassion and concern for you and your family. Dan was always so kind. He was so strong in his faith. I always felt uplifted and inspired being around both of you. Amy, you are in my thoughts and prayers. My heart aches for your loss.
~ Michelle MacKay Reese, Smithfield, Utah April 02, 2009

Dear Amy and Family,
I was so saddened to hear about Danny passing away. He was truly a great example to us all. It's hard to know what to say at a time like this. But please know that my prayers and my families prayer are with you, and will continue to be. I also know that the Lord loves you so much and will help you through this hard time. I would love to talk to you any time. Please call me any time you would like. My phone # is 801 465-8243
With lots of love,
Saundra Wardell Marsh
~ Saundra Marsh, Payson, Utah April 02, 2009

Dear Amy,
What sad news. I have such clear memories of Danny's boyish grin and cheerful nature from high school, even after 20+ years. I wish there were more I could do than offer a few words on a website. You are both amazing people and you and your children are in my prayers.
~ Anna Harbrecht Kennington, Payson, Utah | Contact Me April 02, 2009

Dear Amy,
We are soo sorry about Dan. I want you to know that you were the best neighbors anyone could have and I have never met anyone with stronger testimonies than you and Dan. Your family is such a great example to everyone and I know that if anyone can handle something like this, you can. We want you to know that we love you and if there is anything we can do to help, let us know. I know Dan will be watching over your family and he is not far away. Take care and hope to see ya soon.
Bruce, Carol, Cory, Haley, and Riley Thompson
~ Carol Thompson, Herriman, Utah | Contact Me April 02, 2009

Bro. Howells was a real inspiration to me. He was a great teacher and leader. I enjoyed all the time I was able to spend with him at CDO seminary, in the La Cholla Ward and then at the UA Institute. He has been such a blessing in my life and has helped make me who I am. I'm grateful that he saw the potential in me and encouraged me on the path of Church service. God be with you till we meet again. I can't help but think of the hymn "Each Life That Touches Ours For Good" Verse 2: What greater gift dost thou bestow, What greater goodness can we know Than Christlike friends, whose gentle ways Strengthen our faith, enrich our days. Bro. Howells truly strengthened my faith and enriched my days. I am forever grateful to him and his family for being such wonderful examples. God be with you Amy and family. I love and miss you dearly.
~ Jennifer Nicholls Swegle, Tucson, Arizona | Contact Me April 02, 2009

Amy, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this sad time. Dan was a great teacher and a great man. We have fond memories of teaching with Dan at Westwood. May Heavenly Father's love and comforting spirit will be with you all at this difficult time.
~ David & Jaime Wade, Mesa, Arizona April 02, 2009

Amy and Family,
I want you to know that you all are in my thoughts, and prayers! I love your family, your kids are great. And i want you as well as you children to know that i am here for you if you need anything!
~ Morgan Thompson, Peoa, Utah April 02, 2009

Amy & Family,
I am so sorry for your loss. Our thoughts are with you and your family. I have known Danny when we were growning up... havent seen him in a long time. He will be missed by all he has touched...
Love Rick, Stephanie(Lambert) williams April 02, 2009

Amy, We heard the horrible news from our daughter, Julie. Being in Nauvoo, we don't always hear news right away. We are grateful that our paths crossed with yours in Tucson. We are so thankful that we had the opportunity to know Dan. He was a wonderful man, teacher and role model. He will be greatly missed. We send our love and prayers to you and your family.
~ Bob & Martha Ludwig, Nauvoo, Illinois April 02, 2009

It seems like yesterday that we were in a little dorm room at the Jerusalem Center in Israel. Our spirits connected immediatelty, and I have always had the greatest love and admiration for you! You are so strong and amazing. You have been such a strength and example to so many! If anyone can do this -- you CAN! As many have already told you, you are in my thoughts and prayers!
~ Ellen Dawson Hills, West Jordan, Utah April 02, 2009

To Bro. Howells and the Howells Family,
How my heart aches for you. You were my favorite Seminary teacher ("The Gosepel's true & I love ya!" still plays in my mind.) I'm sure your son didn't know me, but I knew him. He made everyone feel loved and important. It's amazing the power one person can have in so many others lives. You & your son's influence are far reaching! The Howells family is in my prayers.
Liz Judd Livingston April 02, 2009

So many great memories from childhood came flooding back upon learning of Dan's passing; catching frogs in the pond at Howells farm, playing dodge ball with Dan at Bella Vista, fun times at school dances with Dan & Amy at Brighton. A great man, father and friend has moved on. His legacy is in his wife, Amy and his children. His infectious smile and enthusiasm will live on through them. I am grateful to know Danny and Amy and my prayers and condolences flow out to you. His life was a blessing to us all.
~ Laif Ekberg, West Jordan, Utah | Contact Me April 02, 2009

Brother and Sister Howells, your hearts must ache with the death of Danny. He was such a gentle, kind soul. Dan left the world a better place. His legacy will live on with your grandbabies and those of us who were touched by him. With the memory of my own father’s death when I was only 17 years old and the death of my stepfather ten years later, my thoughts turn to you, Amy and Kathryn, Mary, Hannah, Spencer, Shadrach, and Caleb. My immediate response is that I am truly sorry. How unfair that a senseless act could prevent you from seeing your husband and father in the day to day. I’m not sure why bad things happen to such good people. Looking down the road, my thoughts are a little different. How you see the world will change, which is sometimes good and sometimes really hard. Allow for room to grieve; rely religiously on your supports (i.e., ask for help); and when all else fails, remember to breathe. Dan (your dad) will always be alive in your heart. Celebrate his life by living well and by living fully. You will feel and recognize God’s grace along the way. Much love...Michelle
~ Michelle Derr, Alexandria, Virginia | Contact Me April 02, 2009

My heart and prayers go out to your family for peace at this time of loss.
~ Marley (Herrin) Orton, Eagle Mountain, Utah April 02, 2009

My dear friend Amy,
As I reflect over the past 24 years that I have known both you and Dan, I have only warm, peaceful memories. From the friendship both you and Dan showed in HS, to seeing your marriage for time and eternity to each other, then watching our families grow during the years we were in Tucson together, I consider the memories like treasures no one can take from me. I know I was in the company of really good people. I learned so much from you both. How I wish I could comfort you at this very difficult time. Dan will be missed. I know how strong you are and that you will let Christ be your Healer and Comforter. I love you and your beautiful family.
~ Jennie Rounseville, Prescott, Arizona April 02, 2009

To Amy and your children, I am so sorry about Dan. It was the most tragic news. Dan was a wonderful example to all of us and has left such a wonderful legacy behind. My thoughts and prayers have been of you all week. And will continue to be with you.
~ Lisa Shingleton Adams, Cottonwood Heights, Utah | Contact Me April 02, 2009

I was saddened to learn of Danny's death. He was such a kind and nice person to everyone in high school. I have such good memories of you also. Both of you are wonderful people. I pray that the Lord will sustain you and your family and lift you up at this time. You are in my prayers.
Brother Howells,
I just wanted to let you know how much I loved you as my seminary teacher. You were such a wonderful friend to me. You were my favorite seminary teacher that I had and made me feel important. I'm so sorry for the loss of your son. He had such a kind heart and treated everyone so well. Thanks for touching my life the way you did.
~ Carolyn Archer Hunsaker, South Jordan, Utah | Contact Me April 02, 2009

Amy-- What can we say that hasn't already been said or has been wished or prayed for you and your sweet children so wonderfully? May the Lord's comfort and guidance be with you continually!
With great love for Dan, You (Amy) and your beautiful children,
Rick and Suzanne Spencer and Family
~ Suzanne Spencer, Herriman, Utah April 02, 2009

Oh Amy, you and Dan both have such a valley to pass through. All these people giving you little bits of Dan back makes it clear that there is enough of him to make more than one man. Once I spoke on the same program with Dan, and he expressed some of the exact words I had prepared myself, and I considered it a great honor that I was on the same page as he was that day. I know he cared about my girls, who were his students and members of his ward, and I will never forget it. We love you.
~ Linda Sorg, Tucson, Arizona April 02, 2009

Dearest Amy and Family, You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. I have thought of you and Dan fondly over the years, remembering, when we lived in Gilbert AZ, how you took care of my daughter, Lexi, and welcomed her into your own home, like she was one of your own children. All the wonderful memories return every time we look at the beautiful Hebrew artwork you created of my family name. May g-d bless you and your children and keep you safe. Zichronam Livracha. "May his memory be for a blessing".
~ Ian and Beki and Lexi Katzman, Mesa, Arizona | Contact Me April 01, 2009

We are so blessed to have had you as neighbors and been influenced by Dan's goodness. Amy, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your sweet children. Dan and the rest of your family touched our lives in many ways.
Mark and Jenny Moody
~ Jenny Moody, Herriman, Utah April 01, 2009

It's been since High School that I have seen both of you. Tiffany T. told me what happened. I feel so bad and I want you to know you are in my thoughts.
~ Gary Pratt, Sandy, Utah | Contact Me April 01, 2009

Amy and Family: Words can't even begin to describe the heartache that our family is feeling for you at this time. Amy you and your family have been such a wonderful asset to our community and our ward, we truly love and appreciate you and your family. Thanks so much Dan for your love of scouts, Ty enjoyed scouts and Dan had a huge part of that. If there is anything at all that we can do for you and your family please let us know. Our prayers are with you and I pray that Heavenly Father will put his arms around you and help you in the coming days. We love you and pray for you. The Jones Family
~ Lorraine Jones, Peoa, Utah April 01, 2009

I live in Castle Rock, Colorado. I just signed in to sugardoodle.net and saw the notice about your loss on their home page. Please accept my condolences. Remember the Plan of Salvation and stay close to Heavenly Father. He is in a better place for reasons we do not yet know. I am sure his spirit is watching over all of you and will linger near to help you through this loss and pain. He knows how much you loved him and that staying close to Heavenly Father, our Savior, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost will comfort you all. Take time to grieve and take care of yourselves, so that you are able to continue living in a manner that Dan can be proud of. Always remember that Heavenly Father loves you all and will never you comfortless. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Take care and MAY HEAVENLY FATHER BLESS EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU, ALWAYS AND FOREVER.
~ Roberta Bono, Castle Rock, Colorado | Contact Me April 01, 2009

Not having seen Dan in many years I was shocked to hear of his tragic passing. Being a few years younger than Dan, I have looked up to him most of my life and always thought of him as someone I would like to grow up being like. Our families prayers are with you.
~ Jonathan Packer, South Jordan, Utah April 01, 2009

How saddened I am to hear about this tragedy and how sorry I am for all those who are directly affected by Danny's untimely death. What an example of a Christ like life and a man without guile. Someone who you'd expect to have his own golden key. Spence and Ann raised a true saint and Amy married the love of her life. Danny was always kind and sincere even as a young boy. Certainly a eulogy that anyone would be lucky to have as their own. May you all be comforted during this difficult time.
~ Brad Packer, Salt Lake City, Utah | Contact Me April 01, 2009

Amy and family,
We are so sorry for your great loss. Our prayers are with you as is our help with anything you need. We love you.
Kurt,Destry,Bailey,Taylor, Brady& Drew Howard
~ Kurt and Destry Howard, Kamas, Utah April 01, 2009

Amy & Family,
Our thoughts and prayers are with your family.
Dan is an amazing man! He taught us so much, through his example and teachings. It give us all comfort to know, how close you are to your Heavenly Father. We know He will literally hold your hand when you need him. Your family's strength is such a example to all who know your family. Love and Prayers....
~ Kris & Steve Merrill, Riverton, Utah April 01, 2009

Dear Amy and Family,
I was truly saddened to hear of your loss. Amy, I wanted you to know that, through Marielle's family updates over the years, my admiration for you and Dan only grew and grew! You two are so stalwart in so many ways. Thank you for your example. I pray that our Heavenly Father's arms will continually be around you all and bring you great comfort and peace.
Much Love.
~ Monica Woodland, Kaysville, Utah April 01, 2009

Amy ~ Even though we have not stayed close to each other over the years, I want you to know that you will always have a special place in my heart. You and your family will forever be in my prayers. Much love, Gena
~ Gena Kener Walkenhorst, Herriman, Utah | Contact Me April 01, 2009

We are heartbroken on behalf of the Howells family. Bishop Howells was such a kind man and we ache for Amy and the children. Know that you are included in our thoughts and prayers along with countless others whose condolences are not directly expressed.
~ Krauss family, Tucson, Arizona April 01, 2009

We pray that your family will be comforted from the loss of Danny. Our hearts ache for your loss of such an amazing man. We love your family and have always been inspired by you. We have such fond memories with your family. We love you all.
~ Doug & Shawna Meredith, West Valley City, Utah | Contact Me April 01, 2009

The many live's that Dan touched for good will have a ripple effect that will go on through the eternities. It was an honor to know Elder Howells and to call him my friend! May your family be blessed with the comfort and knowledge of Eternal Families! Sister Carol Jenkins Manwaring... New Zealand Christchurch Mission
~ Carol Manwaring, Toquerville, Utah April 01, 2009

Dear Amy and Family,
I have known Danny since grade school and will never forget his smile. I never saw him upset, he was always happy. He was truly one of a kind. I echo the feels of Kari Buttars, Danny made seminary council awesome. I will always cherish his example and friendship. I regret that it took an event such as Danny's death to let you know what a great affect he(you both) have had on my life.
With much love and affection.
~ Rob Clark, West Jordan, Utah | Contact Me April 01, 2009

Amy and Family,
Our hearts are with you. We have great memories of you and Dan as nursery workers with us in the early Tucson days. A favorite time we remember was that 70's b-day party you threw for him and the great outfit he wore! Dan was a great example of Christ-like living. We will cherish the memories and friendship.
~ Susan & Chris Spear, Salt Lake City, Utah | Contact Me April 01, 2009

Amy, I am a part of the Village Group your parents have been a part of so long. My heart goes out to you as your circumstances are so similar to mine almost 30 years ago when my 43 yr. old husband died (heart disease) leaving me with 6 living children (one daughter died at age 5) between 18 and 2 yrs. Thank goodness for the Gospel and loving family which you have in abundance. We sent our love, prayers and understanding to you. Joan & Larkin Hamilton
~ Joan & Larkin Hamilton, Provo, Utah April 01, 2009

Thinking back to high school, I remember Danny as being kind to everyone -- that, and his big smile. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time. May you take comfort in your memories and hold fast to your faith and the knowledge that families are forever.
~ Kimberly Brewster Carter, Provo, Utah April 01, 2009

Amy, my heart has been so full thinking of you, Dan and your family the last couple of days. You are anyone of us. Life is so fragile and special and sometimes it takes these tragedies to make us remember how wonderful it all is. I wanted to tell your children that the thing I rememeber most about Dan is that he was ALWAYS GOOD. I truely can say even after all these years you are two of the neatest people I have ever known. Today I am so thankful to be one who had the priveledge of knowing Dan. You and your family are in my personal prayers. As always you will continue to be an example of the saviors life through your own example. I love you Amy.
JoLynn Alvey O'Very Logan, Utah April 01, 2009

You are all in our prayers and thoughts. We love all of you and want only the best. All things happen for a reason andthis did too. That is so so hard to believe right now but we know God only does things for a reason. He is in a better place. Just know that we all love you so much.
~ Kamas city patrons, Kamas, Utah April 01, 2009

To be the bishop of such a dynamic ward like the La Cholla Ward required a man who "walked with our Heavenly Father." Bishop, you were every bit of that man. Thank you for your example. I will miss you and never forget you, nor your beautiful family. All my love and prayers to Amy and the children.
~ Kim Butler, Tucson, Arizona April 01, 2009

What a loss for those who he has touched on Earth, Heaven has gained a truly beautiful soul. He has inspired so many people with his kind and gentle spirit. My heart aches for your family and I pray that you may find peace at this very sad time.
~ Heather Pearson-McMurtrie, Tucson, Arizona April 01, 2009

Amy and Family,
Our hearts are broken with yours at this sad and trying time. Danny was an extraordinary person that lived an extraordinary life. He lived honorably, with character, and most important of all, by example. He was blessed with many talents which he grew, developed and blessed so many other lives with. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.
Brother Howells and Family,
Like so many others, our lives are better by the way we were taught in your classes. Your spirit and example led Danny down the same path. So many people have been blessed because of you. Your loss is our loss. You too will be in our thoughts and prayers.
~ Wesley and Shannon Holley, Springville, Utah | Contact Me April 01, 2009

Dan and Amy were our neighbors in Tucson AZ. Dan got the land, utilities and zoning changes and, with Amy, built their house. Five of their children were our neighbors and friends, and what fun they are! Dan is a courageous guy. Nothing held him back. What he did not know, he learned. He was always on the move to places and events we only thought of. What a great example! May we all turn our thoughts and actions to his remaining family and wife, Amy. They need us and Dan is watching.
~ Jeff Gurvine, Tucson, Arizona | Contact Me April 01, 2009

Dan was the seminary teacher for my children in Tucson, AZ. He was such a wonderful example and great teacher. They both loved him, especially my son Landon, who worked very hard to make a special in-laid wood box. He was thrilled to be able to give this gift to the teacher he admired, respected, and looked up to. We already miss Dan. Our hearts and prayers go out to you during this difficult time, and our love will continue for your family in the years to come. Thank you ALL for being such a positive light in the world!
~ Debbie Brown-Cope, Tucson, Arizona April 01, 2009

Dear Amy and family,
Our thoughts and prayers are with you at the sad time. Our hearts ache for you. Heavenly Father will wrap his arms around you and comfort you at this time.
The Hardman Family
~ Marion, Utah April 01, 2009

Dear Howells Family,
Brother Howells was my seminary teacher from '96 - '99 in Tucson. He was a huge influence in my life through those crucial teenage years. He showed me how to not only learn the gospel of Jesus Christ, but to love living it. I'm so sorry for your loss. I know many students are heart-broken
~ Britney Jensen, Warrenton, Missouri | Contact Me April 01, 2009

Amy and Family,
I don't know you and you don't know me but I love you and I am sorry your family lost a great man. I hope you can find peace knowing you will all be together again.
~ Cyndee Burnham, Kamas, Utah | Contact Me April 01, 2009
Our hearts go out to you. Dan was one of the most pleasant and best people we ever dealth with. What a tragic loss.
~ Richard Hinckley, Salt Lake City, Utah April 01, 2009

Amy and Kids,
Our thoughts and prayers are with you and we are so sorry for your loss. Tyler loved going to scouts because of Dan and he loved him. We are so lucky to have you in our Ward. Hadlie sends her love to Kathyrn and Mary. If you need anything at all we are there for you.
~ Tracie Llewelyn, Peoa, Utah April 01, 2009

Amy and Family:
Our hearts and prayers are with you. We are extremely sorry for your loss. Dan was someone whose testimony radiated out of him and it truly touched us, and has stuck with us since. We love you.
~ Christine & Aaron Bandley, Herriman, Utah April 01, 2009

an Howells was a great seminary teacher who helped grow and cultivate my testimony during that time in life when is seems to be questioned the most. He was also a wonderful Bishop who helped me in so many ways. I know that he has touched so many lives and will be sorely missed. Our prayers and love go out to his family at this difficult time.
~ Brad Slentz, Tucson, Arizona | Contact Me April 01, 2009

Dear Amy and family,
I am sooo sorry to hear such sad news about your dear husband. I did not know you too well, but visiting the Sumter Ward to be with part of our family, Heidi and Que Hales &kids, I saw what a special family you are. You are loved and in our prayers.
~ Verlene & Wally Butler, Tucson, Arizona April 01, 2009

A great loss to the world, an incredible gain in Heaven! I will always remember the great times on the Salmon River. When I grow up I want to be like Danny! Amy, may Heavenly Father bless you and the kids. You are in our prayers.
~ Howard & Chris Norton, Cottonwood Heights, Utah | Contact Me April 01, 2009

Bishop Howells was one of the most influential people in my life. He not only was my Bishop, seminary teacher and institute teacher, he was a friend. He seemed to genuinely care for all the students that he taught. The lessons he taught were full of the spirit and I looked forward to each class. As a bishop, he made sure that he know each member of the ward and made each of us feel we were an important part of the ward. I remember when a student,Ross Borchardt, passed away and all the LDS kids at CDO came to the seminary building looking for an explanation and guidance. Bishop Howells said that everything happens for a reason and that God has a plan for all of us. He said that we need to trust in the Lord in all things. He was truly a great and inspiring man. I owe a lot of who I am today to him. God be with you Bishop Howells. 'Til we meet again at Jesus' feet.
Will All my Love and Prayers,
Anna (Maxwell) Clark
~ Anna Clark, Tucson, Arizona | Contact Me April 01, 2009

Bro. Howells was my seminary teacher for four years, and he had a great impact on my life. He was always full of love and cared for everyone that came into his classroom. He will be missed and my thoughts and prayers are with the family.
~ Paul McNeil, Provo, Utah April 01, 2009

A wonderful man, a great example to all. I was heartbroken when I heard the news. My heart goes out to you Amy and your children. I wish there was a way I knew how to better express my deep sorrow for your loss. I want you to know you are ALL in my thoughts, prayers and heart at this time. Your tribute to Dan was written and expressed so beautifully. Sending hugs and LOTS of love at this time of sorrow and loss.?
~ Susan Phillips Davis, Oakley, Utah | Contact Me April 01, 2009

Amy, how can I say what is in my heart? We love you and Dan very much and ache for your loss. I wish there was some way to convey to your children what it has meant for me to have a father on the other side of the veil. Dan will be able to do great things for your family. We will pray for you for that peace of the Spirit that carries us through such times. Wish we weren't so far away.
~ Deon Steinagel, Derby, Kansas | Contact Me April 01, 2009

Amy, Spencer and Ann Howells, and Daniel's kids, I want you to know how sorry I am for you with the sudden and tragic loss of Daniel. I haven't seen 'Danny' (as I will always think of him) in over 20 years. But I felt sick/empty inside when I was told by a mutual old friend that he had died suddenly in a car wreck -- he was a good friend and a good man, and we are worse off here without him. I remember vividly his happy demeanor and perpetually positive outlook on all things; I remember clearly in my mind him changing the lyrics to an old ZZ Top song from "every girl crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man" to "every girl crazy 'bout a guy named Dan". He was funny, engaging, optimistic, good-hearted, and integritable to the core. I see that, unsurprisingly, Dan has since then lived a full and happy life influencing people to do and be better, raising a wonderful family, and serving and helping others. I am truly sad his time on Earth was cut so short. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
~ Zane Christensen, Highlands Ranch, Colorado | Contact Me April 01, 2009

As a colleague of Dan's I was always impressed by his warm and genuine friendship. We were born about the same time and have taught the same number of years, and I am profoundly saddened by this loss. My heart aches for you, Amy, and for your children and extended family. Fortunately, however, your family is incredibly strong and your eternal covenants will bless your lives in very real ways until you are all reunited one day. The Savior is keenly aware of your suffering and He will care for you. We all love you and will always be grateful for Dan's stalwart example of what a husband, father, and a faithful son of God should be.
~ Joel Coleman, West Valley City, Utah April 01, 2009

I don't know Dan but I know hiw wonderful parents Ann and Spence so I can imagine what an incredible person he is. How we all ache for this entire family in their loss. Tons of love and prayers,
Jan Molloy April 01, 2009

Dear Howells Family,
It has been many years since seeing you all, but I will always have a soft spot in my heart for your family. Your loss is felt by all who know you and your dear Danny. It is a sad reminder to all of us to hold those we love a little closer. I know your faith is strong and will see you through this difficult time, but you should know that the faith and prayers of so many others are also with you.
All my love and deepest sympathies,
~ Lacy Packer Benson, Nashville, Tennessee | Contact Me April 01, 2009

Amy and Family,
I am so heart broken to hear that such a wonderful man was taken from you so soon in life. It was always so great to see your family up at Bear Lake each year. Each member of your family has such an amazing spirit about them. Dan was so tender and loving with Amy and his children. My prayers and thoughts are with you at this time.
~ Amber Traveller Butler, Farmington, Utah April 01, 2009

Dear Ann and Spencer,
Devastated by the news of your beloved child, I send my condolences.
Susan Magleby
~ Susan Magleby, Spring Valley Lake, California April 01, 2009

Amy and Family:
Please know that you are loved. I want to give you a great big hug. I am praying for you and your wonderful family. You are blessed to have an amazing husband, father, son, teacher and friend as your eternal companion. I will always remember Danny's huge smile. Brother Howell's you were an amazing seminary teacher and your son Dan followed your wonderful example. Our prayers and thoughts are with you and your family at this difficult time.
~ Jana Woodhead Woodward, Draper, Utah April 01, 2009

I was heartbroken when I heard the news. Your family is in our thoughts and prayers. What an amazing Man he will be missed.
~ Heather Bullough, Richmond, Utah April 01, 2009

Sweet Amy, Mardy & Allen: How much we love you all. Our prayers and thoughts are with you always. Love to you dear friends.
~ Linda Lou & Merrill Nelson, Cottonwood Heights, Utah April 01, 2009

How I wish I could be there to express the depth of my sorrow for your loss. Just know that you are constantly in our hearts and prayers. I know God has a plan for Dan that, while difficult for us to understand and accept, is one that will be for you and your family's eternal glory. We love you,
Craig & Suzette Done & Family
~ Craig Done, Spring Mills, Pennsylvania | Contact Me April 01, 2009

Our heart aches for the loss of a great friend. Dan was amazing. He brought love to the seminary council. He always had a wonderful gift of making everyone feel included and important. We will all miss his smile, laugh and hugs. Sweet Amy, we love you and want you to know you are in our thoughts and prayers.
~ Derek & Kari Butters, Highland, Utah | Contact Me April 01, 2009

Amy and Family,
I was so sorry to hear about Dan. It's been such a long time since I've seen you, but I think of you often. I wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you now and that you are in my prayers.
~ Emily Anderson DeHaan, Cottonwood Heights, Utah April 01, 2009

Brother Howells had a profound effect on my life. I looked forward to Seminary everyday. He truly was a Christ-like man who loved his family and the church. He will be missed by all.
~ Cameo Cavanagh, Tucson, Arizona April 01, 2009

Dear Ann and Spencer
I was shocked this morning to read your sons obituary. I had the same feeling as I did that morning at Highland when I heard of your fathers accident in the west desert. It not right that a young man has to leave his family. My thoughts are with you. Dan must have been a great man I wished I had known him.
~ Lee Wagstaff, Salt Lake City, Utah | Contact Me April 01, 2009

we ache with you. We also share your faith that Dan will be reunited with you, your children, and all your loved ones. In some presently incomprehensible way, God will, one day, wipe away all tears and replace them with great joy. In the meantime, we love you and pray for you and your family.
Blessings to you,
Blair and Katie Van Dyke
~ Blair Van Dyke, Cedar Hills, Utah April 01, 2009

Brother Howells was such an amazing person who loved everyone he met. His sweet and gentle spirit radiated from him. He was my institute teacher at the University of Arizona during 2004-2005. He touched the lives of every one of his students. I loved going to his class! He had such an awesome sense of humor too and such a contagious laugh! He was a friend to everyone. His legacy will live on through our memories.
~ Emily (Webber) White, Salt Lake City, Utah April 01, 2009

Amy and Family,
Our thoughts and prayers are with you! Danny's Christ like attributes have been an example to me since high school. I am sure this goes for all who had the blessing of knowing him here. The Lord must have a great need on the other side to call him home. As so many have shared, "We love the Howells!"
~ Rick and Amy Pearmain, Murray, Utah | Contact Me April 01, 2009

Dearest Amy & family,
We are saddened to hear about Dan...he was a great Bishop and a true inspiration to our family. Dan will always be in our hearts. Big wrap around hug...The Vallee's
~ Don & Kathy Vallee, Tucson, Arizona April 01, 2009

We are so sorry to hear about Brother Howells death. Our son Tyler had him in seminary his 9th grade year at Bonneville Jr High. Tyler really enjoyed Seminary with him as his instructor. Our prayers and best wishes to you and your family at this difficult time. May the Holy Spirit of Promise rest with you and give you the comfort you desire.
~ Von and Sue Perry, Salt Lake City, Utah April 01, 2009

Dear Amy even though I have not been part of your life these past 20 or so years I have often thought about you and Danny and have great memories of our time together at Brighton High. I am grateful to have know you both, you are two special people. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.
~ Tammi Larson Johnson, Provo, Utah April 01, 2009

Sweetheart Amy, We can't begin to express the deep sorrow we feel for you and your family. Such a terrible loss! Our hearts ache! Please know our thoughts, love, and prayers are with you!
~ Sherman and Judith Butters, Cottonwood Heights, Utah April 01, 2009

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. The Howells family brightens anyone's life that they touch and you certainly all did that for us. The Lord will bless you but please let us know if we can do anything for you! We love you and your family!
The Swensen Family
~ Doug Swensen, Riverton, Utah | Contact Me April 01, 2009

Our family loves you all so much. We treasure the memories we have of Dan and all the fun nights sitting out in deep discussions that just stregnthend our testimonies of the gospel. Dan leaves behind a strong testimony that we will never forget. You are in our prayers, we are there for you whatever we can do.
~ Trish Biggs, South Jordan, Utah | Contact Me April 01, 2009

Amy, I could not believe what had happened to Danny when I read about it. I hope that you can feel the comfort of our Savior at this time in your life. Even though it is difficult at this time please know there are many who are praying for you and your family. May you rely on those prayers and your trust in the Lord that you and your family will be comforted. Even though it is hard to comprehend at this time remember that families are forever and that you will see your sweetheart again.
~ Dianne Klunker Hauet, Murray, Utah April 01, 2009

Dan has touched so many people and has been such an amazing example to those around him. I remember him giving a talk in church about women. I don't remember much about the talk other than it touched me so deeply. I remember leaving with the feeling that he really loved you, Amy, and your daughters and had a great respect for you. We will miss him greatly. Your family will be in our prayers.
~ Tiffany Britton, Herriman, Utah April 01, 2009

I was so sorry to hear about Brother Howells. He was a great teacher and a good example to everyone. Something that I remember about him is that he would always play with his wedding ring while he was teaching class. I enjoyed working with him and I am happy to know that we will see him again. Know that your family will be in the prayers of many.
~ Katie Hildreth (Wallwork), Idaho Falls, Idaho April 01, 2009

Dan is a hero to more than just his children. He is one of our heros too. He was such a good man! The Howells were our best neighbors. We were so sad for us and happy for you when you moved to Peoa. We love the Howells! May the Lord bless and comfort you!
~ Shelly Biggs, North Ogden, Utah | Contact Me April 01, 2009

Dear Amy and children,
You are in the hearts and prayers of my family. My oldest daughter had a religion class from Dan and said it was the best class she had ever had. She said he had a way of bringing gospel concepts to life and making them important to the students whom he taught. We love you and we will be there for you.
Shelley Stevens and Whitney, Mykan, Ty and Gray Stevens
~ Shelley Stevens, Marion, Utah April 01, 2009

Dear Amy and family, I know that words can't fill the hole that has been left in your hearts, nor take away the pain, or the cravings for the human touch. And in my own desperate attempts to grasp for understanding, I've found sweetness in quiet, humble solitude and silence. Listen for the Peace...it's there; Seek for comfort...it'll come; Embrace the Memories...Tell his story! Amy, you have an abundance of strength that surrounds you, in your children, family, and friends. Call on us at any time. Stay close to the Lord. Danny isn't gone, he just graduated earlier than the rest of us.
~ Diana Snideman-Reece, Sandy, Utah | Contact Me April 01, 2009

We still have not got over the shock of hearing of this terrible accicent. Dan was a wonderful man and we will miss him. Our prayer are with you Amy and the children.
~ Don and Leslee Blatter, Saratoga Springs, Utah April 01, 2009

The Howells Family,
You are in our thoughts and prayers.
Duane Edgington & Family (missioanry with Daniel)
~ Duane Edgington, Heber, Utah April 01, 2009

Amy and Spence and family, my heart and prayers goes out to you and yours at this time of loss. Danny was a great guy! Amy you are surrounded by loved ones to help in any way, let them.
~ Suzanne Bolliger, Malta, Montana April 01, 2009

Few individuals have touched my life the way Dan did. His influence will remain a positive force in my family's life through out eternity. We were richly blessed by having our paths cross with him and his wonderful family.
~ James Tanner, Spanish Fork, Utah April 01, 2009

Our family was so sorry to hear about the sudden death of Brother Howells. We have many fond memories of him as our children's seminary teacher in Tucson. Our daughter, Katie, especially loved working with him when she was seminary president in 1999-2000. He had a challenge on his hands, working with the youth, but his personality won them all over. May the Lord's sweet spirit of peace be with your family.
~ Steve and Robyn Wallwork, Albuquerque, New Mexico April 01, 2009

It is with a hurting heart I write this note to you Amy....How I wish I could be there for you at this time. You and your family are more loved than we can express. Each and every one of you are our tender family, and mean everything to us. Dan was and is a great man, and the magnitude of his great calling on the other side must have been glorious, and what awaits each of you, because of his great love for you, will be glorious as well. To you now, my sweet sister, may you know you are in our every thought and each prayer we offer humbly. You know Bart and I love you dearly. Remember, the Lord does all things well, He has a plan for each and every one of us and your marriage is eternal. You will see him again, and continue your lives together and those dear children will have peace and happiness throughout their lives, knowing their father can watch over them in a way he couldn't before. Please know how very much we love you and will sustain and support you now, and always. Lovingly, The MacKay Family
~ Shara MacKay, Elon, North Carolina April 01, 2009

Dan was a wonderful person and we will miss him terribly. He was always the first one to show up to help and the last one to leave. He and Amy offered help on many ocassions to us when no one else was there. He was truly a good man. We love Dan and his family very much.
Untill we meet again,
We love you- Carol & Spence
~ Spencer & Carol Erekson, Riverton, Utah April 01, 2009

Our hearts are broken over the loss of Danny. He was such an amazing husband, father, brother, son and friend. Our love and prayers will continue to go out to all the Howells family.
~ Kenny and Kristin Howcroft, Utah March 31, 2009

My dear friend Amy and family, My heart is broken and I still can't comprehend what has happened. Our "Danny was the poster boy for great man, without guile, like no other. He was more christlike than any man I know. His passing has stirred up emotion from all of us friends from around the globe, and from many others who did not even know him. Thats our Danny: always affecting the lives of people for good, even in death. We love you. We love Danny. Our hearts, our prayers and thought will be with you at this time and always as it will be very hard for a long time. As he once said to me during a really rough time in my life,"God loves you, you'll get through this." You have so many people who love you and your family. Thank heaven that "Families Are Forever." Although I know it doesn't make this time any easier. Brother Howells....we loved Danny...the whole class of '86. I lost a brother a little over a year ago and my parents have had a rough go of it, even when we know we'll see him again. A parent should never have to bury their child. Please know we feel your loss and he will be deeply missed. He has and always will be an inspiration to my life and all that he has crossed paths with. May you and your family, Amy and your dear children find comfort in these upcomming days. I love you
~ Camille Palmer Trapp, Sandy, Utah | Contact Me